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I’m not entirely sure what sparked me to do this. But either way, I don’t think it matters. I’m doing something good, and with luck, it will improve my life.

I want to drastically reduce my ecological footprint. Mainly, by reducing the amount of plastic, paper and other non-eco-friendly products I use. I think initially, I read about ‘no Shampoo’. Somehow, this appealed to me, and upon looking into it, I found a ton of blogs from people that don’t use plastic. Yet another idea that I like. There are a metric shitton of articles about how bad plastic is for you, how it leeches into your food and gives you cancer or whatever. How true they are, I really don’t know. It probably isn’t all that bad, but I mainly want to reduce waste.

So my first step is to reduce the amount of “hygiene”/”beauty” products I use. Mainly shampoo, makeup, hair products. Once my supply of what I have runs out, I will stick to high quality natural products.

Incidentally, I just ran out of conditioner. So no more for me. I will miss it. Sort of. I honestly buy the cheapest stuff at the store and half of it does nothing to my hair anyway, so I guess I won’t. I still have bar shampoo, which isn’t going to run out any time soon.

As I currently, don’t shower daily, and therefore don’t wash my hair daily, hopefully, this will help my transition period a bit. I’ll start with shampooing every other wash. And use either baking soda or apple cider vinegar as conditioner. And hopefully having a slightly stinky head for a little bit will be well worth it. We shall see. There will be pictures!


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April 5, 2011 at 9:30 am

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‘An Abortion is Forever’

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At the University LRT in Edmonton there are numerous advertisements advocating being pro-life and somehow trying to convince you not to have an abortion by providing pretty images of fetuses at various points of development and pointing out that they are not a blog of tissue. A common theme between them all, if that they all state that abortions are for life.

Yes, indeed. You cannot just hit Ctrl+Z after you abort your fetus/embryo. Nor can you go to your recycle bin and restore your fetus/embryo. (but I must say, I do have to give them credit for calling the womb inhabitant a fetus or an embryo rather than a baby. Something prolifers have a habit of not doing). In that sence, it is forever. What I’d like to point out is: Babies are forever too. After you give birth, it’s not all giggles and birthday parties. Mostly poop and crying, from what I’ve heard.

And Ctrl+Z’ing your child — well, you definitely can’t do that.

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June 1, 2010 at 7:54 pm

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Behold, the future. Or not.

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RDIF chips are often implanted in animals for identification purposes. Research is being done for other applications, such as secure access and storing information. Soon our wallets and keys will be replaced by little chips in our hands. Nifty, eh?

Of course, this won’t be for a long long time (however I could be as wrong as Thomas J. Watson, who stated that ” …. there a world market for only 5 computers“). Firstly, once you figure out what you want to do with them and develop a nice secure way of implementing this, what about upgrades? I think everybody has seen how fast technological advances are made. So, when your computer becomes outdated – you chuck it and go to the store and buy a new one. Are we going to do to the OR every time the technology advances? Perhaps in due time there will be a solution to this.

Another problem: instead of having your purse/wallet/keys/personal information stolen, will you be hiding your hand every time you see a sketchy person on the street, in fear of getting your hand chopped off?

And of course, the problem in the video. Viruses. I suppose it won’t nearly be as bad as it could be in a typical science fiction movie, where the computer viruses will gain control of out minds and we will become slaves to some evil-doer/douchebag, because who said they have control over anything biological? I suppose this is possible, but it would be a stupid thing to do.

However, as it stands, my favourite part of the video, is that there’s a Dalek in the background.

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May 27, 2010 at 6:08 pm

Everybody blogs about the same thing.

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So, recently, good ol’ Craig Venter, who was responsible for sequencing the human genome, recently was the first to make synthetic life. Hooray. Good for him. This is indeed pretty darn awesome, except it’s on every single blog. And then some. Yes, I get that this has plenty of ethical issues to go along with it (‘Who is he to play God?’) and dreams of awesome new technological advances (‘Hey, maybe next year we’ll be able to design our own pets!’) and how cool it is in general.

A little while ago, there was an article published on bats performing fellatio during intercourse. I thought it was a pretty darn funny article – I mean, why would you study that? But somebody did. Biologists love sex. (But who doesn’t?). I still see links to that article and it was published nearly a year ago. Hey, I even linked that article on Facebook. But last year.

A zillion of articles of all sorts are published every day, but some get so much attention. Others really don’t even if they are deserving of attention. Poor little guys. 😦

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May 27, 2010 at 2:15 pm

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Why you should stay in school

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Back in grade school, I was one of those people who didn’t particularly care about any of my classes. I didn’t care at all about any of my classes, and somehow, I felt that most of the knowledge I was acquiring wasn’t all that useless. It’s not as if every time I go to the grocery store, I have to factor some polynomials in order predict my total before I get to the till or anything. Nor do I need to know the steps of glycolysis in order to consume something from McDonald’s breakfast menu. (Which, by the way, sucks.) Either the education gods really liked me, or the material was sufficiently easy, but I never had any issues passing any class, with minimal effort. And I mean a minimal effort. But I (thankfully) never thought of dropping out or anything to that effect. Graduated just like the majority of people and went on with life. Now, do I use the knowledge I learned in high school, outside of my university classes?

Oh yes. While I never have to factor polynomials nor recite the steps of glycolysis in everyday life, I still use that information.

Let me introduce Gina. Gina is a friend of my new roommate. She dropped out in grade 9, and besides being rather unpleasant, she is far from the brightest crayon in the box. So, Gina called my roommate last night.

Roomie: Maaan, I’m soo horny. These hormones are killing me.
Gina: How can you have hormones? Are you still pregnant??!!!
Roomie: What?? Of course I have hormones, I’m human.
Gina: But you can have hormones only at certain times. Are you sure you’re not pregnant??

Somebody needs a biology lesson. But wait! The endocrine system is covered in grade 11 (in Alberta). She never got there, and if she had – well, perhaps, she would save herself one embarrassment.

But, as a biology student, this seems to me to be common knowledge. If I’m writing a paper on hormones, I do not have to state that hormones are present at all times, but simply at different levels, nor do I have to reference it. But my roommate, who is not a biology student, and has never taken anything higher than high school level biology clearly demonstrated that she has a good sence of what hormones are.

Now, in order to graduate in Alberta, you only need one science at the grade 11 level. Let’s say somebody took Physics instead of Biology. Would such a person know what hormones are? While I’ve never taken high school physics nor do I know the entire K-9 curriculum because I’m not a teacher. I think it would be fairly safe to assume that hormones would not be mentioned in any physics course (unless you want to figure out say, the velocity of a 15g vial of estrogen dropping from a 3 foot high table). Most of elementary and junior high biology covered what is termed as “big biology”, so hormones are probably not covered in great depth if at all. And while hormones are organic molecules, organic chemistry is only touched upon until grade 12 chemistry (and even then, this was implemented the year after I took Chem 30, therefore I don’t know the depth it is covered in). But it remains that there are plenty of people who did not take grade 11 biology. Now, hormones are one thing that are mentioned in real life: birth control pill, depression, drugs, etc. I would think that one could deduce that hormones are present in the body at all times, not just during pregnancy.

Conclusion? Stay in school.
While factoring polynomials is not particularly useful at say, a grocery store, nor will it impress your friends at a party, at least you won’t be stupider than the rest and perhaps you’ll save yourself some embarrassment.

Written by Ali

May 22, 2010 at 2:36 pm