This Blog Is The Same As All Other Blogs

This Blog Is The Same As All Other Blogs

‘An Abortion is Forever’

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At the University LRT in Edmonton there are numerous advertisements advocating being pro-life and somehow trying to convince you not to have an abortion by providing pretty images of fetuses at various points of development and pointing out that they are not a blog of tissue. A common theme between them all, if that they all state that abortions are for life.

Yes, indeed. You cannot just hit Ctrl+Z after you abort your fetus/embryo. Nor can you go to your recycle bin and restore your fetus/embryo. (but I must say, I do have to give them credit for calling the womb inhabitant a fetus or an embryo rather than a baby. Something prolifers have a habit of not doing). In that sence, it is forever. What I’d like to point out is: Babies are forever too. After you give birth, it’s not all giggles and birthday parties. Mostly poop and crying, from what I’ve heard.

And Ctrl+Z’ing your child — well, you definitely can’t do that.


Written by Ali

June 1, 2010 at 7:54 pm

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