This Blog Is The Same As All Other Blogs

This Blog Is The Same As All Other Blogs

Everybody blogs about the same thing.

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So, recently, good ol’ Craig Venter, who was responsible for sequencing the human genome, recently was the first to make synthetic life. Hooray. Good for him. This is indeed pretty darn awesome, except it’s on every single blog. And then some. Yes, I get that this has plenty of ethical issues to go along with it (‘Who is he to play God?’) and dreams of awesome new technological advances (‘Hey, maybe next year we’ll be able to design our own pets!’) and how cool it is in general.

A little while ago, there was an article published on bats performing fellatio during intercourse. I thought it was a pretty darn funny article – I mean, why would you study that? But somebody did. Biologists love sex. (But who doesn’t?). I still see links to that article and it was published nearly a year ago. Hey, I even linked that article on Facebook. But last year.

A zillion of articles of all sorts are published every day, but some get so much attention. Others really don’t even if they are deserving of attention. Poor little guys. 😦


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May 27, 2010 at 2:15 pm

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